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Hello! Our names are Leah and Jenny and we're moms. We LOVE our babies so much we could just stare at their little faces in the comfort of our homes, in our oversized robes, texting each other all day long... but then we'd probably go insane. 


Having a baby is awesome (congratulations)! It's also a huge adjustment and can leave you wondering how in the world you're going to navigate long days with your little one. We created this website (and app!) so that you don't have to waste your precious nap time trying to find activities for you and your baby to do together OUTSIDE the house with other moms like you! 


Dive right into the westside mom circuit, make friends, learn ways to actively engage with your baby (song, play...), find support and most importantly keep your sanity.  


Sign up and join the westLAmoms family!   


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