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March 23, 2018

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Fantastic Elastic! Mom vs. Denim

September 19, 2016

I have many passions; cats, traveling, country music festivals, wine, my baby (duh) and most recently fancy sweat pants.  Yes, leisure wear has become one of my greatest joys since becoming a mother.  I've always loved a good elastic waistband and used to sneakily incorporate them into my office attire with a button down and blazer.  Now that I work from home I get to freely exhibit my stylish comfy pants all day errday!! And don't get me started on a good jumpsuit! 




Comfy pants + Tank top = Hot Mama (or in my case, acceptable in public mama).


Since I end up spending a majority of Augusta's naps scrolling through new casual duds for my lower half I figured some of you, with less time on your hands, might appreciate some recommendations. 


Below are pants I either own and love or have been drooling over and plan on owning.  Notice I included most at sale price! 









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