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Lazy Mom's Guide to: Apps To Make Your Life Easier

In the first weeks of our daughter’s life, my husband and I said to ourselves MANY times that we just weren’t sure how people did this without the conveniences of all the modern technology. We managed to NEVER leave our house, unless it was for something that was fun and no pressure.

Here are all the services we cobbled together to live life like we have a personal assistant and spend more time playing!


  • Amazon Fresh - On Sunday mornings, we load up our Amazon Fresh cart with the groceries we’ll need for that week and it shows up on our doorstep before 7am the next morning. It costs $15/month and the prices are a bit higher than Ralph’s, but did I mention that you don’t have to EVER deal with a crying baby or toddler meltdown in the grocery store? Hands down, HUGE parenting win.

  • Milk & Eggs - The farmer’s market comes right to your door with this service. It’s not likely to cover your entire grocery needs for the week, but if you love farmer’s market fresh produce, meats and artisan dips, definitely jump on this bandwagon. No monthly membership required. Use code “westLAmoms” for $10 off orders of $25 or more!

Restaurant Delivery

  • Uber Eats - You can make a specific order from a restaurant you love and track its progress (on average deliver is about 50 minutes) OR for lunchtime you can pick an item from the limited lunch menu that drivers are just driving around with in their car and have it in your belly in about 5 minutes. How nuts is that!? This was our go-to in those first few weeks of new-parent haze.

  • Postmates - The fees on postmates are pretty damn high, but they deliver sugarfish, so sometimes we suck it up to eat a Trust Me in our pajamas.


  • Soothe - A massage therapist comes to your house! You can even have them come after the kiddo goes down for the night. No sitter required. Treat yo’ self.

  • GlamSquad - You know what I never have time for? Going out and having someone do my hair and makeup before an event. You know who has some gorgeous holiday photos because she smartly used GlamSquad before getting them done? Not me. That was Leah. The photos are beautiful. Use code “westLAmoms” for $50 off your first service!


  • Bambino - I admit that it seems weird to use an app to find a stranger to take care of your precious angel, but when your babysitter falls through 3 hours before you're supposed to go out and you've exhausted your existing sitter bench, Bambino is a total lifesaver. You can view sitters' profiles and reviews, see who your friends have used and throw out a request to a as many sitters as you want to select. Within 5 minutes I had 3 different sitters to choose from! We ended up with someone fantastic, who I will absolutely use again! Use code "westLAmoms" for $20 off your first sit!

Dry Cleaning

  • Rinse - This one is a duh. Why would anyone drop off and pick up their own dry cleaning? What a waste of time. Go to and sign up to get $25 off your first order.


  • Heal - Putting on pants and leaving the house with your kiddo is difficult enough on a good day, but on a day when one or both of you are sick? Torture. Use any major health insurance (or pay the $99 flat fee) and have a doctor come to you in an hour.


  • Saucey - Whoever thought of this is a genius. We have more than once been throwing a party that’s in full swing and realized we were close to running out of alcohol (idiots). Enter Saucey. Rage on. Or just get some wine delivered during naptime. No judgement.

Note that we aren't getting paid to promote any of these services, we just really really love them and hope that you do too, so we got some discounts for you!

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