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Women's Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, Yoga, Mommies 'N Motion (Aquatics) and More!
Prenatal & Postnatal

"Pregnancy is a time of many changes in a woman’s body. These changes produce both physical and emotional stresses.


Yoga, the mind-body system of postures, breathing techniques and meditation may be well suited to maintaining physical and emotional health during pregnancy. At Women’s Physical Therapy, we are aware of the many stresses and strains on the pregnant woman’s body. The prenatal yoga is designed by a physical therapist who has extensive practice and training in yoga.


Prenatal yoga, at Women’s Physical Therapy is personalized for your own capability and closely supervised by a PT. You will not only feel great, but your body will be safe.


Mommies in Motion is an exercise class designed to focus on core and postural stability. Resistance tools, such as buoyant water weights and paddles, may be used to help increase strength. Pregnant and postpartum moms are encouraged to participate."

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Women's Physical Therapy

2730 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 533

Santa Monica, CA 90403

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