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Prenatal Yoga, Baby & Me Yoga
Prenatal, Postnatal: 6 Weeks - Walking

"Prenatal Yoga provides a safe and calming environment for pregnant women to nurture their bodies during this wondrous time of life. This class will help improve balance, circulation, and toning with postures modified for the needs of each trimester. The deep breathing you will learn in Prenatal yoga will be a huge help when it’s time to give birth. Get to know other expectant mothers and learn relaxation techniques that will take you far beyond pregnancy. This class is led with Music.


Rebuild core strength and relieve neck and shoulder tension while interacting with your baby in a supportive environment. Postnatal classes give new moms a chance to gradually transition back to regular practice. Both moms and dads are welcome. For pre-walkers ages 6 weeks to 2 years."

Jenny Brandes

World's Okest Mom

If you're terrified to get out of the house in those first few weeks with your brand new little baby, Desi's class is the perfect intro back into the world. It's a loving, supportive environment with lots of brand new mamas. You don't have to worry about your baby crying, or needing a feeding or changing because most of the time half the class is doing one of those things. Oh and you do get some yoga in, with some adorable poses like "kiss the baby chaturanga"

Leah Smith

Celebrated Mother (wine enthusiast)

This was my absolute most favorite activity I did with Gus during the first year. It was amazing to find something to do with her at the early age of 6 weeks (we were dying to get out of the house!) and we both needed major namaste so it was right up our alley. The room is packed with adorable babies and kind mamas. I literally cried when Gus' napping schedule and crazy crawling put an end to our weekly practice.

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