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Birth and Beyond

Birth Education, Infant CPR, Newborn Basics, Doula Services, Massage, Breastfeeding and More!
Prenatal & Postnatal

"I've made the most of my experience as a currently practicing labor nurse to develop a distinctive mixed method birth education class.   In 1989 I started my training at UCLA in high risk and normal labor and delivery and have been a continuing practicing labor nurse for 24 years. 

My Prepared Birth Education class will give you information based on my experience as a birth nurse, labor Doula and educator.  I will bring to you realities of labor and delivery in area based hospitals. 

For those of you delivering at home, in birth centers or with hospital based midwives, having multiples or considered high risk we will discuss birth dynamics in those settings and situations as well.  

I will help you navigate your way through the labor and delivery experience with the most up to date accurate information available. Labor class can be fun and interesting!  Join me! Best, Lizzie"

Birth and Beyond

1750 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 206

Santa Monica, CA 90405

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