Pump Station

WHAT: Mommy & Me, Breastfeeding/Lactation Instruction & Support, Music, Parent Education, Play and More!

WHO: 0 - Toddler.


"We are a breastfeeding support and new parent resource center that educates, guides and encourages new parents in a soothing environment as they learn to care for their newborns. Our programs begin with outstanding prenatal breastfeeding and baby care classes offered in Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Hollywood / Beverly Hills, and the San Fernando Valley. For nursing moms, our IBCLC licensed lactation consultants provide breastfeeding support on an individual and small group basis, and we rent hospital grade breast pumps to augment and support early breastfeeding efforts."

Baby Group

WHAT: Mommy & Me, Toddler & Me, Parent Education and More!

WHO:  0 - School Age


"BABYGROUP® provides guidance and insight to parents of infants and young children in a friendly and comfortable, supportive group environment. Founded in 1996, in Santa Monica, California, by noted child development specialist Donna Holloran, BABYGROUP®offers a respectful approach to parenting that combines love and limits, thus inspiring parents to recognize and respond appropriately to their child’s developmental needs."

Mama Needs A Drink

WHAT:  Mommy & Me, Support Group, Social Club

WHO: 0 - 1


"Mama Needs a Drink is as much a social gathering as it is a support group. Their aim is to bring mamas and their babies (0-12 months) together to listen, encourage and share their experiences. The two hosts, Robyn and Kazia moderate discussions and act as an informational resources. They also provide an array of skilled professionals to offer relevant information for you and your baby, as well as tasty snacks and drinks at every meeting."



The Wright Mommy & Me

WHAT: Mommy & Me, Parent Education and More!

WHO:  0 - Toddler


"The approach to parenting is individual; access the wisdom of your instincts and heart, while calming your new mom worries about “getting it right.” Find new and supportive friendships with other moms, discuss weekly topics and learn songs and play designed to nurture attachment and learning.Topics presented follow baby’s development during the first year, and include guidance for regulating sleep routines and feeding. The class also provides a safe haven for exploring the profound identity changes that come with motherhood in your marriage/partnership, friendships, work and within yourself. We become a bonded group that listens to and supports each other, and always make time for your questions."



PlayCreations Kids

WHAT: Mommy & Me, Enrichment classes, Cooking, Mixed Media, Tutoring, phonics and more.

WHO: Babies - 9 yrs.


"Creating a partnership with parents, PlayCreations is able to offer unique, fun and interesting classes for babies, toddlers and children. We are able to focus on develpment and provide a creative curriculum geared towards language development, sensory play, motor skill development, communication, music and movement, pretend play, and discovery."

Books & Cookies

WHAT: Storytime, Sing Alongs, Play and more.

WHO: Babies to school aged children. 


"BOOKS AND COOKIES is a Children's Bookstore, Enrichment Center and Event Space at 2309 Main Street in Santa Monica, California. ​The unique design of the Books and Cookies space makes it a safe and relaxing environment for the whole family – with the goal of bringing wonder and excitement back to reading and learning. The space is divided into three areas: The Bookstore/Interactive Reading Room, The Enrichment Center and new Indoor / Outdoor Learn and Play area and Event Space."

Baila Baila

WHAT: Spanish through music and movement, mommy and me, dance class, music and more!

WHO: 6wks. to 5 yrs.  (6 wks. location at Zooga Yoga)


Baila Baila Spanish through music and movement opens in Santa Monica at 2640 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.


"Baila Baila provides a diverse range of classes for children ages 0-5 focused on teaching me enhancing Spanish speaking skills through music and movement. Its accessible location in Santa Monica makes it an ideal option for parents in the westside area looking for educational activities for the little ones. Baila Baila futures mommy and me classes, dance classes, music and movement, arts and crafts, private tutoring, Sunday concerts and much more." 


Baila Baila offers a $5 trial and a flexible schedule for different nap times, preschool schedules or routine

Toddle Tunes

WHAT:  Music Classes, Instrument Instruction, Private Instruction, Parties and more!

WHO:  0 - 6yrs. +


"Toddle Tunes® is a childhood development program that utilizes live music – the most stimulating tool that science knows of, to help your baby’s neurotransmitters connect from the brain to the hands, feet, fingers, toes and so on!It is now confirmed after much study that your baby simply listening to classical music on recorded media just isn't enough. Hands on music making is THE KEY to unlocking the your baby's learning potential.These benefits also apply to children with autism, mental and physical challenges, who have been guided to Toddle Tunes® by their physicians for the focus and relief of anxiety that making music provides."



Music Together

WHAT:  Music classes, Guitar lessons.

WHO:  0 - School Age


"Today, it’s common for us to only listen to music rather than create it ourselves. But actively making music is so important for children’s music and overall development. That’s why Music Together has never been more essential. Young children learn best through active exploration and live, meaningful interaction with the grownups they love. So we say, take out the earbuds and pick up the instrument we were all given at birth—ourselves!"


WHAT:  Classes for Music, Art, Play, Sports, School and more!  

WHO: Babies to school aged children.


"At Gymboree Play & Music, you and your child will build creativity, confidence and lifelong friendships. Gymboree programs are specially designed to help young children learn and develop as they play. Our classes also help you learn about your child -- how to participate in and encourage his or her development -- while enjoying the simple pleasure of playing together."



Ladybug Music

WHAT: Music classes, Dance/Movement and Parties!

WHO:  0 - preschool.


"Music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. We offer funky, soulful & eclectic family music in a warm environment that encourages participation and silliness. Our award-winning parent and me classes inspire little ones to express themselves and discover their creativity using their bodies and voices, linking their joy and excitement for music with a connection to their parents and caregivers.Our high quality music curriculum immerses young children in a diverse range of rich, complex music, combined with simple melodies and great rhythms. An eclectic mixture of music from Reggaeton jams to Appalachian lullabies, Surf punk ditties to Brazilian beats, each CD and class introduces your child to pitch, tempo, melody and rhythm (through singing, instruments, dance and more.)"

My Gym

WHAT: Open play, physical development, play, motor skill activity and more.

WHO:  7mo. - 10 yrs.


"My Gym has developed an extraordinary program and facility devised to help children 6 weeks thru 10 years of age develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. We have hundreds of locations in more than 30 countries offering structured, age-appropriate, weekly classes that incorporate music, dance, relays, games, special rides, gymnastics, sports and more. Children have loads of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility while developing social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Our state-of-the-art facility, extensively trained staff, award-winning class programs, and excellent student/teacher ratio have earned My Gym the reputation as the best early learning program of its kind."

Cornerstone Music Conservatory

WHAT:  Music Classes, Instrument Instruction, Private Lessons, Summer Camps, Performances and More!

WHO:  7mo. - School Age


"Preparatory Classes (ages 7 months – 4 1/2 years, grouped by age) and the Harmony Road Piano Course (beginners, ages 4 1/2 – 8 years, grouped by age) continue to be some of the most popular programs at our Conservatory. Harmony Road provides the opportunity for students to develop a true enjoyment of music and confidence in performing keyboard and piano repertoire. Private lessons, beginning to advanced, are currently available for most instruments for both children and adults."



Music Stars & Masters

WHAT:  Music Classes, Parties, Lessons and More!

WHO: 0 - 7rs.


"Children and their care givers have the opportunity to see, hear, sing, move and play along with live music. Contemporary tunes that parents will know as well as classic childhood songs are combined to create fun, energetic and stimulating sessions. Each class features real instruments for children to play and exposes participants to a variety of styles, musical influences and songs."





Zooga Yoga

WHAT: Baby & Me Yoga, Baila Baila Classes, Dance & Movement, Sign, Storytime and More!

WHO:  6wks. - Adult


"In 2012, Zooga Yoga® opened as the only yoga studio in the Los Angeles area dedicated to babies, kids, teens, expecting moms, parents and families. Zooga Yoga is a playful and unique approach to yoga. It couples traditional yoga poses and elements with fun themes that include animal poses, challenging and partner poses, games and props to create a specialized brand of ‘YogaPlay™’. This approach is designed to foster confidence, creativity and imagination while keeping true to the goal of whole mind and body health that is inherent in the practice of yoga."


WHAT: Baby & Me Yoga (Wednesdays at 2:15)

WHO: 6 wks. - walking.



"Rebuild core strength and relieve neck and shoulder tension while interacting with your baby in a supportive environment. Postnatal classes give new moms a chance to gradually transition back to regular practice. Both moms and dads are welcome. For pre-walkers ages 6 weeks to 2 years."


Baby Boot Camp

WHAT: Stroller Fitness, Mom Social Club and more!

WHO: Stroller aged babies and children.


"Baby Boot Camp offers prenatal and postpartum fitness and nutrition programs for moms, and strives to enhance the lives of mothers and their children through safe and effective fitness classes taught by nationally certified fitness instructors."




WHAT: Stroller Strides, Moms Night Out and More!

WHO: 0 - PreSchool


"Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment. Classes are held 6 days a week in 3 locations in Santa Monica: Palisades Park, Clover Park and our Beach Class on Santa Monica beach."




WHAT: Music, Play, Storytime, Dance, Art, Enrichment, Pre-School Alternative, Camps and more!

WHO: 0-6.


"Kidville is a place where parents and kids from newborn through six years old can put creativity, fun, and play-time first. We offer a wide range of fun classes and programs designed by early childhood development specialists. We're your next-door neighbor, your music and dance studio, your art room, and your playground, all rolled into one!"





What: Sign Classes, Song & Sign, Camp, Special Needs Instruction, Traveling Instruction and more!

WHO: Infants to Adults. 


"SignShine Studio is a unique, dynamic, and creative center located in Beverly Hills. Establishedin 2005 by Etel Leit, SignShine specializes in communication, movement, music, empowerment,sign language, and other spoken languages. We believe that learning and bonding happens withstimulation, and unconditional love. SignShine’s educating, entertaining and out of the boxclasses are designed for babies, children, pre-teens, parents and other professionals. SignShineteaches various Group Classes and Private Classes, either in Beverly Hills, or at the location ofyour choice."

Kids Artistic Sense

WHAT: Art based classes for; mommy & me, toddler transitions, summer camps, birthday parties and more.

WHO: 18mo.-10yrs.


"Kids Artistic Sense Enrichment Program is dedicated to enriching the lives of young children by helping each child reach their full potential in emotional, social, physical, intellectual and cognitive domains through the delivery of services that provide educational and artistic enrichment. We are committed to establishing strong connections between children, families, staff and the community at large. Close personal attention to each child is essential to providing a quality experience for all children."

Outside The Box

WHAT: Sensory Development, Play, Exploration, Music and more.

WHO: 8wks - 6 yrs.


"Our overall goal is to teach YOU how to teach YOUR child! You are your child’s first and most effective teacher! You are the “Architect” of your child’s brain! With OTB, focus is placed on specialized exercises and activities that increase brain development during the critical periods and early stages of growth.

OTB groups include: Sensory stimulation, explanation of activities and developmental benefits, social interaction (child to child – child to parent/caregiver), social learning with peer groups, and attachment and bonding."

WHAT: Physical development, athletic development, play, private parties.

WHO: crawling - 10 yrs. 


"Active Play Experience for Kids is a new kind of kid’s gym. Our mission is to introduce young kids to #fundamental movement skills through #active play. Providing a nurturing social environment to learn and practice basic athletic skills, improve #body_control, #balance, #agility and #coordination."



ArtZone 4 Kids

WHAT: Art classes, drop-off art class/camps, parent and me, birthday parties and more!

WHO: 18 mo.- School Aged.

"Art Zone offers many opportunities for budding artists, aged 18 months and older, to create by themselves or with their favorite adults in tow. Our classes range from regularly scheduled sessions for preschoolers to spontaneous drop ins for Art-Play fun.  Parents can even drop off the kids on a Friday night for three hours of Art-Play that’s more fun than dinner and a movie. Or can call us to say “Hey, can we come over to play?” (Spontaneous events happen faster than we can post them on the website)."

Zimmer Children's Museum* (ok, not really west adjacent!)

WHAT:  Art classes, Music & Movement, School Readiness, Language Immersion, Birthday Parties and More!

WHO: 0 - School Age


"In addition to our great everyday exhibits and public programs, the Zimmer Children’s Museum offers special classes each season to get your little ones moving, grooving, and creating!  Our classes are taught by qualified professionals with experience in arts education and early childhood development. Members receive discounts on classes. Visit our Membership page here to learn about Membership levels and benefits available."  


Exclusively Babies Program:


"V.I.B Hour! (Very Important Babies)Each Wednesday morning at 9 am, the Zimmer opens its doors exclusively to the under 2 crowd! Tiny tykes and their caregivers can enjoy the museum in a more relaxed setting giving both kids and adults more room to breathe (and crawl and climb). Looking for more guided exploration time? Museum admission rates apply. As this hour’s intention is to create a safe, comfortable play space for our youngest visitors, we ask families with older siblings to instead join for regular museum hours at 10am."


DROP IN OPTION $15, ($30 for PreSchool Prep.)

Swimming LA

WHAT: Swim Class, Water Safety.

WHO: 8wks. - 36 mo. 


"Swimming is Learning.That's our philosophy at Swimming LA. We encourage parents to learn the Intellectual Benefits of Early Age Swimming. Parents can be involved in the learning process by doing at home what they can to help their kids along. Swimming LA assists the entire family in learning to swim because families that swim together raise children that are self-motivated to learn to swim."

One With The Water

WHAT:  Swim Class, Water Safety.

WHO:  6mo. - Adult


"Our swimming lessons for babies and infants in Los Angeles programs are scheduled to meet your needs. The approach we use provides 100% success, regardless of age. The first few swim classes are spent helping your infant or baby feel comfortable in the water, building your infant or toddlers awareness of the water, building confidence while learning simultaneous arm motion and how to float in the water safely."


WHAT:  Swim Class, Water Safety, Open Gym, Play and More!

WHO:  0 - School Age


"Improving the nation's health and well-being is a priority for the Y. At the Y, we help children and adults understand and value their health, and we nurture their well-being. We offer resources and guidance to maintain or improve physical activity, health and wellness at no additional cost. The Y brings families closer together, encourages good health and fosters connections through fitness, sports, and fun through our Shaped for Life and other healthy lifestyles programming."



Lil' Guppies Swim School

WHAT: Swim Classes, Private Instruction.

WHO:  0 - Adults


"Lil’ Guppies Swim School teaches all ages & skill levels throughout the Los Angeles area with a focus on building water safety & confidence, achieiving a positive association with the water, and helping infants, children and adults become happy, successful swimmers!"  This is a traveling school.  You must have a pool or access to a pool for lessons.  

Pamper & Play

WHAT: Supervised play, Childcare, PreSchool alternative program, Parent Night/Day Out specials, Parties and More!

WHO: 0 - School Age 


"Pamper & Play is a one-of-a-kind play studio that offers fun and enrichment for children while parents take a break. It is perfect for Moms and Dads who need flexible care for their kids while they get some work done or just relax. Parents kick back in the comfort of our luxurious parent loft-lounge and enjoy plush seating, complimentary coffee, tea and spa water plus free WIFI. Our friendly and professional staff of CPR-certified play supervisors care for children in our creative and happy environment. Play is available in single and multi-hour packages and walk-ins are always welcome!"

A Magic Forest

WHAT: Open Play, Parent & Me, Music Class, Cafe, Toy Store and More!

WHO:  Babies to Kindergarten


"Welcome to A Magic Forest, a Waldorf-inspired play space, toy store and café for children, parents, and caregivers. We’ve created an enchanted, yet home-like environment for children to learn and socialize through imaginative play with toys made from natural materials. We don’t think of A Magic Forest as just a play space and café, but a community for families to share, learn, and have fun with one another while supporting their children’s natural behaviors as they engage in open-ended play and discovery."

Tandy Parks

WHO: Babies, Toddlers, Parents

WHAT: Mommy & Me, Toddler & Me, Parent Coaching, Mindfullness Classes and More!

"We all begin our journey as mothers with the desire to do it well. But first we have to figure out what it is we’re supposed to be doing. Women throughout history have benefited from the support, sharing and companionship of one another. They’ve learned through observation of their own and one another’s infants. They’ve shared real experiences and the resources they’ve found valuable."

My Musical Tree

WHO:  6mo.-2yrs. (although all ages are welcome!)

WHAT: Mommy & Me music class, Birthday Parties, Guitar lessons and more!

"Emma Cramp; program directory/class leader, has been working with children in Los Angeles for 15 years.  She has enjoyed weating many hats throughout this time, including children's entertainer, theatre director, gymnastics coach, and camp counselor.  Now after two successful years of providing a singalong class to children of all ages, music lessons and playing parties, Emma has taken all that she has learned and put it into a class she is very proud of.  My Musical Tree is inspired by Emma's love of music, children and nature.  She hopes this class will inspire you too."


$18 for drop-in or package deal 4 for $64 ($14 each).

Ask for the westLAmoms discount! 

classes held at Rock the Spectrum Gym

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