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Mama Needs a Drink

Mommy & Me, Support Group, Social Club
Newborn - 1 Year

Mama Needs a Drink is as much a social gathering as it is a support group. Their aim is to bring mamas and their babies (0-12 months) together to listen, encourage and share their experiences. The two hosts, Robyn and Kazia moderate discussions and act as an informational resources. They also provide an array of skilled professionals to offer relevant information for you and your baby, as well as tasty snacks and drinks at every meeting.

Jenny Brandes

World's Okest Mom

We checked out one meeting of Mama Needs a Drink and really wish that we found it sooner. It's a really great group to join if you're still in the beginning stages of mamahood and are looking for a super warm, friendly place where you can go to get out of the house with your baby, learn that you're not alone and have someone else feed you snacks and wine!! By the time we learned about it, Rio was about 6 months old and we already had joined a mommy & me class, so it felt like something we were already doing. But if you haven't found your mama tribe yet, I definitely recommend checking it out, they are a group of really lovely women and babes!

Leah Smith

Celebrated Mother (wine enthusiast)

I can't believe I missed the boat on Mama Needs a Drink. What a great concept and group of women. Had Gus and I known about this mommy and me group earlier on we definitely would have joined.

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