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Mighty Pilates

Prenatal & Postnatal

"Mighty Pilates is a new studio in Santa Monica that offers challenging group Pilates classes on Reformers and Springboards, plus TRX. We are on a private second floor with over 2,000 square feet filled with cool music, a wonderful community and soothing ocean breezes.


Expecting a mighty little wonder? Because you are working your powerhouse, Pilates is perfect for getting ready for delivery or bouncing back after it. Appropriate for expectant moms in any stage of pregnancy with at least an introduction to Pilates equipment.


Also great for new moms who have delivered, to get your pelvic power back. Ask your doctor if this is right for you."

(310) 458-2896

Mighty Pilates

625 Montana Ave. Suite M

Santa Monica, CA 90403

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