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Baby's First Walking Shoes

I'm always a fan of celebrating a milestone by ordering some new stuff online, so when our little kiddo started walking you better believe I was clicking up a storm, filling up shopping carts all over the internet.

After asking around to other mamas and waiting on some 2-day shipping, here's a roundup of some adorable and functional baby shoe brands.

Robeez - We actually bought these pre-walking, since the mocs have soft, flexible soles that are great for gripping the ground. They have some adorable styles and the price is great, but I've found that the leather doesn't stand up as well as some other brands.

Freshly Picked - I swore I wasn't going to spend $60 on baby shoes, but after my crawler tore up the tops of her robeez mocs, I felt like these might be justified. They totally are. I promise.

Toms - They have some adorable styles and fast shipping. I bought a cute pair of high-tops and they're her (my) favorite shoes.

Native - I think every kid needs a pair of native shoes, especially in the summer. You can get them wet and they wash off easily, so they're really great if your little one is running through the splash pad at the park and needs some shoes to keep their tootsies from getting burnt on the hot pavement.

Nike - Some really adorable sneaker styles. We don't own a pair of these yet, but know a few moms who do and rave about them.

Stride Rite - An old standby. My husband remembers that his first shoes were stride rite. Lower price point, great for their feet, but the styles are not the most high fashion.

See Kai Run - Newer brand that I just heard of, but keep hearing over and over. They have some nice-looking styles and are great for new walkers' little feet.

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