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Holiday Gift Guide for Babies & Kids

1. Winkel - Perfect for learning to grasp, with a rattle in the middle. We've seen this in just about every baby's hands at one time or another.

2. Stackable teething set - Babies can use these for all of their teething needs. The brightly colored rings are easy to grip and can grow with your baby as they become stackable toys!

3. Pair and a Spare of Loveys - Every mom knows how important it is to have an extra of your baby's favorite lovey. This pack gives you TWO extras! Score.

4. Animal tails books - Another mom and baby favorite. Helps baby learn to turn pages of a book and feel all the different textured tails.

5. Baby camping activity mat - This activity mat will not only keep your baby entertained and comfortable but it's unique and fun design isn't hideous to display in your home either.

1. Highlights/Hello Magazine - Highlights magazine from your own childhood has a version for kids 0 - 2, so your little one can get their own monthly subscription

2. Stacking Cups - A super simple toy with so many uses. A favorite in our house that always gets thrown in the diaper bag to come with us on outings and travel.

3. Puppets - Kids love puppets. Looooooove puppets. You will be doing all the singing and play acting with them at first, but your babies will be imitating before you know it.

4. Band in a Box - Super fun toys for babies to start discerning different sounds, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to make their own noises. Ear plugs sold separately.

5. Indestructible Books - Babies can read their own books that have pages with the feel of "grown-up books" without all the tape required to put it all back together after.

1. Puzzles - Helps little ones hone fine motor skills, problem solving skills and shape and size discrimination

2. Sidewalk chalk -Develops fine motor skills and helps kiddos express their creative side with all the mess contained to the outdoors. Everyone wins.

3. Wooden Walker - Get baby up and walking confidently with this sturdy and fun wooden walker. Kids love the moving alligator heads and it has a safety mechanism that stops them from toppling backwards.

4.My Busy Town - This activity cube will keep your child #sobusy for a good amount of time. Kids will practice fine motor skills while experiencing wonder and discovery.

5. My Creative Cookery Club - A great small play kitchen that is easy on the eyes and good fun for any child.

1. Playtent (indoor/outdoor) - Teepees are all the rage these days, but this one takes the cake because it can be used indoors or out AND you can paint on it. Double win.

2. Activity Books - Watch your kid seriously hone those fine motor skills and leave a trail of paper scraps while concentrating hard enough to let you have a glass of wine.

3. Wooden counting puzzle - Learn fingers, numbers, colors, left and right hands. All in one puzzle!

4. Magformers - Amazing toy with so many uses. Set them down in front of your little and watch the amazing structures they create.

5. Jr. Razor Scooter - Fun on wheels. Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wine for your nerves are all sold separately.

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