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The Pump Station

Mommy & Me, Breastfeeding/Lactation Instruction & Support, Music, Parent Education, Play and More!
Newborn - Toddler

The Pump Station is a breastfeeding support and new parent resource center that educates, guides and encourages new parents in a soothing environment as they learn to care for their newborns. Programs begin with outstanding prenatal breastfeeding and baby care classes offered in Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Hollywood / Beverly Hills, and the San Fernando Valley. For nursing moms, IBCLC licensed lactation consultants provide breastfeeding support on an individual and small group basis, and we rent hospital grade breast pumps to augment and support early breastfeeding efforts.

Jenny Brandes

World's Okest Mom

The pump station Mommy & Me is our favorite class. We signed up right after the kiddo was born, did an entire year of M&M and are going back for more with their toddler class. I honestly think I would probably be a much worse parent without it. I totally love the relationships with other mommies and babies that we've met. A must do!

Leah Smith

Celebrated Mother (wine enthusiast)

I took baby prep, breastfeeding and CPR courses through Pump Station while pregnant and have been in their Mommy and Me program since Gus was 8 weeks old. I can honestly say that who I am as a mother has been greatly shaped and guided by the education and support I've received here over the past year. I love the women in my group (I met Jenny here!) and our instructor. It's been an absolute joy to watch Augusta grow inside our weekly class, making friends and now dominating the exciting world of the toddler room. We love Pump Station.

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The Pump Station

2415 Wilshire Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90403


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