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The Moving Joint

Yoga, Pilates
Prenatal & Postnatal

"The owner of The Moving Joint, Alyson Boell-Marchand is passionate about helping women (whether the baby is in utero or out of womb) during their journey into motherhood. Her daughter Magnolia was born in January of 2011 and through the process of pregnancy and the complications she encountered after birth, she realized how much Pilates and Yoga can help mothers prepare and recoup after the labor process.


The specificity of the Pilates equipment is hard to surpass in it’s ability to help regain pelvic floor strength and re”finding” the muscle fiber of the abdominals that have been stretched and sometimes manipulated.


Many of the Pilates instructors at The Moving Joint have specific certifications or trainings in Prenatal work, and all are aware of any contraindications and safety measures in the pregnancy. If you work one on one after the baby is born, we can help you check for any diastasis split or pelvic misalignment that may have occurred from the birthing process.


We are here to assist you in building up the structure of your alignment after the amazing miracle that your body has done."

(424) 228-5348

The Moving Joint

12813 Venice Blvd

Mar Vista, Ca 90066

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