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UCLA The BirthPlace

Birth Education, Infant CPR, Newborn Basics, Breastfeeding and More!
Prenatal & Postnatal

"The months, weeks and days preceding your baby's birth will be an exciting, joyful time filled with many physical and emotional changes. This is a natural time for you to learn more about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.


The BirthPlace offers a comprehensive educational program to help improve your birthing experience and ease your transition to parenthood. Our program includes a variety of prenatal and postpartum classes for you, your partner or support person, your other children, grandparents and/or other relatives, depending on the topic.


Topics include childbirth preparation, breast-feeding, baby care, infant CPR and safety, and parenting support."

Leah Smith

Celebrated Mother (wine enthusiast)

My husband and I took their Childbirth Preparation class.  Our instructor, Judy, was fantastic!  It was a great way to mentally prepare for an upcoming birth along with opening up conversations with your partner about the labor, expectations and fears.  But know that these classes tend to feel a little long if you take the three hour long class once a week for three weeks.  I'd try for the day intensive.

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