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Brunch with Baby

Before baby I used to brunch. A lot. So much so that I became a Brunch Guru (see LA Brunchers). While leisurely bottomless mimosa weekends have been replaced with early a.m. bottle feedings, I still manage to indulge in my favorite meal from time to time -with baby in tow!

Personally I find that brunch is the best meal to go out with my little girl. It's after her morning nap, so she's in a great mood, and people are much more accepting of her toddler antics during the daytime (especially on a patio) than during night at dinner.

Here are a few go-to gems that you can totally bring baby with! And I NEVER leave home without our EZPZ Mini Mat, Bucket Bib, and a bag of cheerios or grapes to keep her happy before the food arrives.

Let's start with the fact that there's valet! The restaurant is beautiful, light and airy with an indoor/outdoor component and view over the pool. The food is delicious! I personally recommend the Chicken Chilaquiles (also available in a vegetarian option) or the breakfast burrito. They offer a Kegs 'N Eggs brunch special for $40 choose one entree and get endless draft beers. This is quite the deal if you order the Steak and Eggs and indulge in a few of their craft drafts!

Art's Table or really any restaurant on Montana Ave. Their patio is very stroller friendly and if you have a shaker and mover the sidewalk is right there to wear them out with cocktail in hand! Stay long enough and cute shops like Giggle, Janie & Jack and Peek will open (usually around 11am).

M Street Kitchen is one of my absolute favorite go to's especially because they open at 8am (hello early baby risers!) You really can't go wrong with this menu and the service is always spot on. The bakery in between M Street and Stella Barra also happens to have the most incredible salted chocolate chip cookies on this Earth. Wait too long? Go next door to Stella Barra for brunch pizza!


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